Chickamauga Battlefield Ghosts


Chickamauga Battlefield ghosts and hauntings, including Ol’ Green Eyes.

If Georgia has its own Loch Ness Monster, it may very well be “Ol’ Green Eyes,” a legendary creature that, according to numerous ghost hunters and tourists through the years, still haunts the massive national park at Chickamauga Battlefield. Green Eyes isn’t the only apparition roaming the grounds of Chickamauga, but he certainly is the most famous.

Chickamauga battlefield monument

Civil War battlefields are some of the most haunted places on earth. With so much death, destruction and sorrow in one area, it’s no surprise that restless spirits still wander the land. Chickamauga Battlefield, in northwestern Georgia close to the Tennessee state line, was the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the war, second only to Gettysburg according to historians.

The Civil War was approaching its end in 1863 when Union troops captured Chattanooga, Tennessee with their eyes set on Atlanta to the South. General Willaim Rosencrans was the Union commander who led the charge into Georgia in September of that year. But he met violent opposition along Chickamauga Creek from Confederate troops led my General Braxton Bragg and General James Longstreet. The two day battle ended with the Confederate army pushing the Union army back to Tennessee. 37,000 soldiers on both sides were killed.

The Battle of Chickamauga was a much needed morale boost for the Confederate army. But of course, their victory would be short lived as General Sherman eventually took the reins of the Union army and drove south to Atlanta, ending the war.

Years later, numerous people encountered strange goings-on at the old battlefield grounds. Some would hear the sounds of gunshots at night, or of soldiers marching, moaning and crying. This would not be a surprise, as the battlefield is believed to be filled with makeshift graves containing Union soliders. After the battle, many Union corpses were left lying in the field for weeks, only to be buried in unmarked graves.

One famous ghost who is said to wander the battlefield is the “lady in white” who is searching for her husband. But Green Eyes is the best known apparition, and has appeared in two different forms. Some believe Green Eyes is a soldier whose head was blown off during the battle, and now wanders Chickamauga looking for his body.

Chickamauga battlefield cannon

The second version of the story – and the one we used here – is that Green Eyes is a strange, otherworldy creature, half-man and half-beast. He’s been spotted walking on two legs and has long, stringy hair down to his waist. But he also has glowing green eyes and huge jaws with two sharp fangs sticking out. It is believed that this version of Green Eyes comes from a Native American legend from long before the Civil War. There were some reports of the creature wandering among the dead at Snodgrass Hill shortly after the Battle of Chickamauga.

Should you wish to travel to Chickamauga to encounter the creature for yourself, read some of the stories we’ve linked to below. There’s also some historical information on the battle itself:

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  1. Kyleigh & Brynn. Uncle Mark is a real person…yard, he was honored as Chickamauga’s oldest living person.
    He was actually a foot soldier to Robert E. Lee. There is a book about him. I am not a liar, but I do recommend that you check out the story on him. He was quite Hmthe character… research before bashing someone. I invite you to read up on him!


    P.S. NO ONE LIKES LIARS AND ESPECIALLY NOT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My stepmother is from Chickamauga and growing up I visited the park multiple times. The green eyed creature isn’t something to be tampered with. And I believe him to be connected in some ways to the tower in the park. The presence of both were very similar…

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  5. As a Native American we believe in Nature Spirits, as a paranormal group we’ve captured evidence of many and posted some on YouTube, “Proof of Elementals”, “Giant Earth Guardians ” our paranormal team name is Native Paranormal Seekers

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  7. I think I have a picture of Ole Greeneyes. I think he followed my step daughter home from Chickamauga. It seems he is without a body so I could believe the headless ghost story. Wish I could upload a pic. It’s wild!

  8. I saw a spirit man his back was facing me on coseebo standing there & I saw a spirit black dog run back & forth a few times

  9. Two weeks ago my grandson came down and we went to the park had a picnic. It was raining I said joking let’s eat in the tower and if a soilder or green eyes wants a bite of sandwich I won’t care. That night I fell asleep in my recliner and at 5am something grab my foot and pulling it, I was screening my husband saw my leg in the air like someone was pulling me. I said I hate going to the park you never know who comes home with you. A lot of stuff has been happening since then. True story my mother saw green eyes and her dog got missing years ago.

  10. Does anyone know of anything that occurred in the Quartermaster Building in Fort Oglethorpe?

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  16. I believe green eyes is the first story, not the 2nd, but ive never seen him, makes me wanna go camping and search for him or lady in white but are these bad spirits or good? who knows?

  17. I grew in Chatt. and lived on Missionary Ridge, often going to all military sites, some friends and I used to camp at Chickamauga (when they allowed it back then), in our campsite , just before dusk a lone figure walked through it, not saying a word to any of us, wearing a mix of Union uniform and civilian clothing, well, we never thought much of it, dry leaves covered the ground, I looked at his path and no leaves were disturbed. One night, I noticed bright lights behind my car, thinking it was another vehicle with high beams tail gaiting me, didn’t really give it much thought, until I saw no other vehicle was on that( _Battleline Rd,) One nice clear day I was walking around through some thickets, found a stone, some markings on it, reported the finding, a grave of 2 bodies, unidentified troops. The bunkers at Verdun are especially spooky too, WWl battlefields are very scary, somber yet heart warming also.

  18. Wilder tower constructed in 1898. My mom became friends at age 13 with Mark Thrash, a former slave who lived to be 123 years old and set up a homestead in the battlefield. The battlefield sells a book about him in their souvenir shop. My mom told me many stories of the man she called uncle Mark. He died in 1943.

  19. I visit the battlefield on a weekly basis and go at night at least once a month. I have seen the lady of Wilder tower. I have seen muzzle flash in the fields. I’ve been caught in “the fog”. And a friend and I were attacked by green eyes and have photographic proof of him we can’t debunk.

  20. I lived in Chattanooga for many years and we used to go to the battlefield all the time. I’ve seen Old Green Eyes by the watch tower. He was out in the middle of the field and started chasing after us. I’ve also see the lady in white. We were driving down one of the side roads back to the main road through the battlefield just at dusk and saw a woman in white walking down the road. We pulled over as we thought it was a tourist that was lost and when we looked behind us she had no facial features and just vanished. We all jumped back in the car and took off. I’ve also witnessed soldiers marching through the fields and have heard gunshots out there late at night. One of the scariest places I have ever been!!

  21. I grew up near the battlefield. I always hear the story about greeneyes as it was a young drummer boy who was killed.

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  23. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after
    I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all
    that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say great blog!

  24. There is a ghost at atheatre in my town called green eys, but he is human, but the cityview monster is a creature exactly like the one desribed.